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Gender Recognition and Lived Name
March 3, 2022

Sharing progress on implementation of the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy

03/03/22 webinar recording
03/03/22 slides


UC College Prep | Webinar Series
June - August 2021

UC College Prep is a webinar in four parts presented by financial experts from the University of California and Beneficial State Bank, providing financial planning tips to future UC students and their families.

Visit the UC College Prep Canvas site for recordings, presentation slides and guides.

Chicanx/Latinx Leadership Summit
September 20, 2021

The fourth Annual Leadership Summit, Cultivating Leadership Among UC’s Chicanx/Latinx Faculty and Staff, was an online event to gather faculty, staff and administrators from across the UC system to engage in a discussion about advancing leadership and career pathways.

September 20, 2021 event recording
January 11, 2022 webinar

The UC Council of Chief Diversity Officers' Distinguished Scholars Series | Webinar Series
April–October 2021

Racial Wealth Gaps and Generators of Wealth in Black Communities
Presenter: Mehrsa Baradaran, Professor of Law, UC Irvine

10/05/21 webinar recording

Racial Health Inequities in African American Communities
Presenter: Amani M. Allen, Professor of Community Health Sciences and Epidemiology, School of Public Health, UC Berkeley

04/28/21 webinar recording

Native American Environmental Policy and Site Protection
Presenter: Beth Rose Middleton Manning, Professor of Native American Studies, UC Davis

05/11/21 webinar recording

Data Discrimination and Racial and Gender Bias in Search Engine Algorithms
Presenter: Safiya Umoja Noble, Associate Professor of Gender Studies and African American Studies, UCLA

09/20/21 webinar recording


UCBAC Webinar Series
February–March 2020

What Does it Take to Be a Chief of Staff?
Presenter: Mia Settles-Tidwell, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff for Equity & Inclusion, UC Berkeley

02/27/20 webinar recording
Webinar slides

"Nobody told me!": Expectation-setting for present and future African American students at UC
Presenters: Anne H. Charity Hudley, Ph.D., North Hall Endowed Chair in Linguistics of African America, UC Santa Barbara; Jamaal Muwwakkil, Doctoral student in linguistics and Student Regent-designate, UC Santa Barbara.

03/05/20 webinar recording

UC First-Generation Virtual Symposium
November 13, 2020

The University of California's virtual symposium honored the national First-Generation College Celebration and the 55th anniversary of the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Watch the opening remarks
Watch breakout session 1: First-gen API students at UC
Watch breakout session 2: Supporting first-gen graduate students in uncertain times
Watch breakout session 3: Career readiness of first-gen students
Watch the closing session

UC Presidential Policy on Gender Recognition and Lived Name
December 15, 2020

Presenters: Cynthia Davalos, Executive Advisor, Student and Equity Affairs, UC Office of the President; Elizabeth Halimah, Associate Vice Provost, Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs, UC Office of the President; Tae-Sun Kim, Manager of Strategic Diversity Initiatives, Student and Equity Affairs, UC Office of the President; Shaun Travers, Director, LGBT Resource Center, UC San Diego.

12/15/20 webinar recording
Webinar slides


Leadership and Organizational Change
July 30, 2019

This webinar was part of the 2019 UCBAC summer webinar series. Presenter: Reginald Randles, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, UCLA Health

7/30/19 webinar recording

Parent Prep: Helping families explore, plan for and make the transition to UC
October–November 2019

The University has created a three-part webinar series and other tools to support parents throughout the UC journey.

Getting to Know UC: One university, nine unique campuses

10/15/19 webinar recording [Please note that this webinar recording ends early due to a power outage.]
Webinar slides
Companion guide #1

Pursuing UC: A guide to academic and financial planning
Webinar slides
Companion guide #2

Navigating UC: A roadmap for parents of UC undergraduates
11/7/19 webinar recording
Webinar slides
Companion guide #3