UCBAC Conference

The UCBAC Conference is a professional learning experience centered on the African American presence at the University of California. 

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UCBAC Conference 2023: Reunited with Purpose

Dates: February 27–28, 2023
Location: UC Riverside

Day 1

CRT and the Future of Higher Education
Antar Tichavakunda, Assistant Professor of Education, UC Santa Barbara
Critical Race Theory (CRT) is all the rage right now, and for all the wrong reasons. The most downloaded paper in the Review of Higher Education incorrectly suggests that CRT is not a theory. Mainstream media from the right engages in bad-faith takes on CRT to incite moral panic. Mainstream media from the left enlist scholars who study race critically, but who are not critical race theorists, to discuss CRT. This session will examine what CRT is (and what it is not), describe its utility for higher education and explore future directions.

The Art of Saying NO! A Roadmap for Leaders Toward Preventing Burnout
and Protecting Your Mental Health
Taisha Caldwell-Harvey, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist and Founder, The Black Girl Doctor
The better we get at naming our emotions and recognizing what we are feeling, the better equipped
we are to make smart decisions about how to navigate day-to-day life. During this session, you’ll
learn why your ability to say “no” could be critical for your mental well-being and might even connect you to your ancestors’ highest dreams for you! Learning objectives for this session are threefold: (1) to deepen your commitment to self-care, (2) to learn to quickly assess your mental capacity for something new before accepting a commitment, thus helping avoid burnout and (3) to devise your own rules around when to say “no” and commit to using them during times of distress.

Developing a Positive Brand for Personal and Career Success
Letitia Silas, Executive Director of Labor Relations, UC Office of the President
Using her own career as a guide, Letitia Silas will talk about the importance of personal brand
development. She will address topics such as “looking the part,” being open to constructive feedback and positive recommendations, identifying people who support you as well as those who may not have your best interests at heart, keeping your passion for your work alive — and fueling your tenacity with that passion! — and sharing your successes.

Black Women’s Experience in Higher Education
Paige Mejia, Financial Operations Manager, UC Riverside
Eboni Shaw, Manager and Academic Advisor for the Department of African American Studies, UCLA
Ebonee Williams, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success in Equity, UC Santa Cruz
Thembi Anne Jackson, Academic Manager, ATP-Bio
Don’t miss this dynamic panel discussion on the unique experiences of Black women at UC. We’ll explore tools and resources for navigating the university landscape and achieving success at UC and beyond. Whether you’ve been with UC for one year or 10+ years, lend your voice to this network of sisterhood. As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

UCBAC 2021 Leadership Reflection Webinar Series

Due to public health recommendations regarding COVID-19, in lieu of an in-person conference, the UCBAC planning team hosts a Leadership Reflection Series, comprising 90-minute webinars, each illuminating a different area for campus leadership roles. Members of each diverse panel hold key functional positions within UC. With a focus on their own experiences as Black, Chicano/Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, Indigenous, women and first-generation leaders in higher education, they shared their career trajectories and offer leadership principles and practices for career advancement. 

Visit the webinar archive to watch the Leadership Reflection Series recordings.