Policies and Standards

Systemwide, community and faculty diversity

All UC campuses are governed by a set of policies and general standards that address systemwide, community and faculty diversity. We have highlighted relevant policies, guidelines, principles and statements below.

For a comprehensive list of all UCOP policies, please visit the Presidential Policies page.



  • Principles of Community
    The faculty, staff and retirees of UC make up a diverse community, and each UC campus has Principles of Community that set expectations for their environment.


Equity and Inclusion During COVID-19

Guidance prepared by UC’s Council of Chief Diversity Officers to assist campus decision makers, faculty, administrators, students and staff on providing supportive, positive and inclusive campus climates during the COVID-19 crisis.

View COVID-19 guidance

Reporting Intolerance

UC strives for a campus and a world free of discrimination, intolerance and hate. If you experience or observe behavior that is inconsistent with our Principles of Community and Principles Against Intolerance, please report it using UC's systemwide intolerance report form.

UC's Systemwide Intolerance Report Form