Expanding opportunity through support, advocacy and action

On our 10 campuses — and in communities across California — UC is engaged in ensuring that our students, faculty, staff, scholars and scientists are drawn from the whole of our society. That means making connections and supporting underrepresented minorities at all levels, from kindergarten through graduate school and beyond.

Our work to strengthen diversity touches every stage of the educational process: from programs that foster early learning and help raise college-ready kids to those that cultivate future faculty and work to make academic culture and hiring more inclusive.

Academic Pipeline and Student Success

To help the greatest number of Californians pursue a top-tier education, UC has developed activities, programs and services for students — from kindergarten to graduate school.

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Campus Climate

UC is working to create healthy, safe and anti-racist environments where all its community members can live, learn and work.

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Faculty and Staff Diversity

UC is part of nationwide efforts to make academic culture and hiring more inclusive, cultivating diverse academic and professional work environments where faculty and staff can thrive.

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Lead and Advocate for EDI Policies

In November 2020, UC announced the Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy to ensure that all individuals are identified by their accurate gender identity and lived or preferred name on University-issued documents and in UC’s information systems.

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Stay Accountable through Reporting

The student basic needs dashboard summarizes survey data from 2016, 2018 and 2020 to show how basic needs insecurity affects students’ learning, engagement, satisfaction and outcomes at UC.

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