UC Chicano/Latino Advisory Council (CLAC)

The UC Chicano/Latino Advisory Council meets the university's goals of inclusive excellence by cultivating a thriving Chicano/Latino presence on all ten campuses.

The Council provides input to UC leadership on how to address the lack of representation by Chicanos/Latinos in senior faculty and staff positions. It also recommends strategies for improving rates of success among Chicano/Latino students along the educational pipeline. The Council identifies the most significant barriers to expanding the presence of Chicano/Latino students, faculty and staff at UC. Those barriers stand in the way of UC's goal of becoming a national model of Chicano/Latino leadership in higher education. The council is convened by the Vice Provost for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and comprises senior staff and faculty from all UC campuses.

The UC Chicano/Latino Advisory Council guides the President and the Provost on varius matters, including:

  • Pathways to leadership positions for Chicano/Latino faculty, administrators and students
  • Preparation, access, recruitment and retention of Chicano/Latino undergraduate and graduate students
  • Efforts to diversify UC faculty and staff
The Council also provides guidance and expertise to state, national and community education leaders and stakeholders about issues affecting the advancement of UC's Chicano/Latino community members.


The Council comprises two representatives (one staff and one faculty member) from each UC campus, along with two ad hoc student leader representatives and one alumni representative, nominated and selected annually by Council members. These positions are held for two-year terms with the possibility of reappointment. Member appointments are approved by the vice provost for equity, diversity and inclusion. Co-chairs are elected by the full council.


Campus Name and title
Berkeley Elisa Diana Huerta
Director, Center for Educational Justice and Community Engagement

Luis Carvajal-Carmona
Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Diversity

Pablo Reguerin
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Irvine Frances Contreras
Dean, School of Education

Stephanie Reyes-Tuccio
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Educational Partnerships
at the Center for Educational Partnerships
UCLA Sylvia Hurtado
Professor of Education

Carina Salazar
Executive Director for Career and Immersive Experiences
Merced Andrés Hernández
Research Liaison, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Rudy Ortiz
Professor, Molecular Cell Biology
Riverside Louie Rodriguez
Vice Provost and Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education & Professor of Education

Elizabeth Romero
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Government and Community Relations
San Diego Gilberto Mosqueda
Professor of Structural Engineering

Frank Silva
Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff, Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
San Francisco James Rouse
Associate Director of Operations, Family Community Medicine

Alicia Fernandez
Professor and Associate Dean of Population Health and Health Equity in the School of Medicine 
Santa Barbara Cuca Acosta
Associate Director of Admissions

Ines Casillas
Professor of Chicano Studies and Director of the Chicano Studies Institute
Santa Cruz Judith Estrada
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Juan Poblete
Professor, Literature Department, Spanish Studies and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies and Member, HSI Task Force
Office of the President Cynthia Davalos
Interim Associate Vice Provost, Student and Equity Affairs

Claudia Martinez
Executive Director, Educator Programs and CA Subject Matter Project

Patricia Osorio-O'Dea
Director, Academic Program Coordination

Arnold Sanchez Ordaz
Assistant Director, Educator Programs
Alumni Representative Taty Aguilera
Co-Chair for the UC Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association

Lupe Gallegos-Diaz
Director, Chicanx Latinx Academic Student Development Center Co-Director, Latinxs and the Environment Initiative


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Racial Justice Statement from CLAC

The UC Chicano/Latino Advisory Council (CLAC) joins the many voices demanding a world in which Black lives matter — in both words and practice.

Read the full statement (PDF)