A systemwide commitment to diversity and equal opportunity

Diversity has always been at the core of the University of California’s mission and purpose. In fact, UC’s commitment to diversity is central to our history as one of the original land-grant public universities. 

UC’s diversity goals, established in Regents Policy 4440: University of California Diversity Statement, help further explain how supporting diversity and equal opportunity in education is integral to fulfilling the University’s historic promise of recognizing and nurturing merit, talent and achievement for all.

Inclusive excellence to, through and beyond UC

Affirming diverse identities and lived experiences, improving access for the historically underrepresented and fostering respect for all community members are values at the core of UC’s diversity mission.

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Diversity policies across UC

All ten UC campuses are governed by a set of policies and general standards that address critical aspects of undergraduate, graduate and faculty diversity.

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Oversight and advancement of EDI work

Chief diversity officers, councils and advisory groups are engaged in managing EDI matters at UC.

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Visit UC campus and lab EDI websites

All 10 UC campuses, three national labs and the division of agriculture and natural resources are responsible for integrating equity, diversity and inclusion principles into university life.

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Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs (GUEA) and Diversity

Graduate, Undergraduate and Equity Affairs (GUEA) manages the University's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) efforts, including maintaining this website. GUEA also provides leadership and support for efforts that advance student success, promoting access to and successful completion of baccalaureate and graduate degrees.

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