K–12 and Community College Students

In keeping with its commitment to making a top-quality education available to all California residents, UC offers college prep programs and services to K-12 and community college students. The university also prepares educators for their role in cultivating academic success for students.

K–12 Programs for Students

UC's outreach programs comprise a network of partnerships, with schools, educators, students and families, all with the shared goal of building a strong academic foundation for K-12 students to build upon.

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K–12 Programs for Educator Prep

Educator preparation begins at the undergraduate level, with UC programs offering students early exploration of teaching careers. UC's plan encompasses post-baccalaureate teacher credentialing and ongoing professional development for practicing educators.

Learn more about UC’s programs for educator prep.


UC's Academic Outreach Programs

UC’s K–12 Outreach Programs dashboard depicts the results of the university's largest K–12 academic preparation programs: Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP), MESA and the Puente Project, illustrating how UC programs help prepare students from first-generation and low-income households — or other traditionally underrepresented groups — for success in college.

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