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Diversity Throughout the Academic Pipeline

At the University of California, the commitment to diversity is central to our history as one of the original land-grant public universities. According to the Morrill Act of 1862, these universities were charged with making a college education available to every citizen, in exchange for land that could be used to house and finance the institutions. Diversity has always been at the core of UC's mission and purpose.

On our 10 campuses — and in communities across California — UC is engaged in ensuring that our students and faculty, scholars and scientists, are drawn from the whole of our society. That means making connections and supporting underrepresented minorities at all levels, from kindergarten through graduate school and beyond.

Our work to strengthen diversity touches every stage of the educational process: from programs that foster early learning and help raise college-ready kids to those that cultivate future faculty and work to make academic culture and hiring more inclusive.

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