Inclusive Community

A Community of Belonging

Students thrive in healthy campus environments where inclusion and respect are standard. Faculty and staff who experience their campus as healthy and inclusive are more likely to feel personally and professionally supported.

To learn more about how UC is creating a culture of belonging for all its members, explore our anti-racism resources and read about how campus climate affects individuals at every level.


UC is committed to eradicating systemic racism in university life and operations.

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Campus climate

Students, faculty and staff all thrive in healthy campus environments that are free of discrimination, and where inclusion and respect for diversity are the norm.

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Moving Beyond Bias

The Moving Beyond Bias program explores how bias works and how students, staff, faculty and administrators can reduce its harmful effects on CSU and UC campuses.

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Campus Diversity Sites

All 10 UC campuses, three national labs, and division of agriculture and natural resources are responsible for integrating equity, diversity and inclusion efforts into university life.

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