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The University of California is committed to achieving excellence through diversity in the classroom, research lab and the workplace. It strives to establish a climate that welcomes, celebrates, and promotes respect for the contributions of all students and employees.

4th Annual UC San Diego Women's Conference - March 7, 2012

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Mission and Vision

The mission of the UC AA/EO and Chief Diversity Officers Group is to address Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity (AA/EO) and Diversity issues and concerns and influence UC policies and practices in that regard. Specifically, the Group provides advice and resources to the University community and its leadership to continuously evaluate and enhance the institution's good faith efforts toward equal opportunity and diversity. See list of Group members.

The Group's collective experience and subject-matter expertise serve as a systemwide resource to shape and direct the development of effective and current AA/EO and diversity programs.

The Group's vision is that UC be a national leader among institutions committed to Equal Opportunity and Diversity.


  1. Support/influence policies/practices at individual UC locations and systemwide that impact AA/EO and diversity-related issues.
  2. Share information and resources to strengthen local and systemwide AA/EO initiatives.
  3. Fulfill a "professional organization" role within the system. Offering consultation, expertise, and position statements on relevant AA/EO and diversity issues, and providing professional development resources for practitioners within UC AA/EO offices, e.g., the data analysts group and diversity educators group, etc.
  4. Serve as advisors and consultants to the UC Regents, UC President and Management at UCOP, the Chancellors at the universities and the Directors at the laboratories.
  5. Assess and manage risks and mitigate future vulnerabilities associated with AA/EO laws, regulations and UC systemwide requirements.
  6. Build collaborative relationships/partnerships with colleagues and other groups to strengthen AA/EO and diversity efforts at the University.

Membership and Officers

The group membership includes representation from AA/EO and Diversity offices from all UC campuses/medical centers, UC-managed DOE Laboratories and the Office of the President.